Listening in Security, with Jeremy Holmes

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Jeremy Holmes  

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My talk will focus on the initial and early stages of therapy, and how they form a template for subsequent on-going work.

I divide the session into 4 parts, typically sequential, but in a fractal way they also inform moment-to-moment interactions.

The first task is to establish connection, and to open a channel of communication, and thereby to establish epistemic trust. I try to do this by adopting a confident yet respectful and collaborative manner, and by the firmness of the therapy boundaries – time, place, freedom from interruption etc. 

Second come the ‘three listening’s:

a) listening to the client’s story, free associations, diversions, exaggerations, avoidances;

b) listening to myself listening (i.e. ‘counter-transference’, so often a clue to the client’s inner world);

c) listening to the way the client reacts to my comments – compliance, blocking, elaboration –  and shaping/modifying my language and comments in the light of this.

In the first or early sessions I will be interested in what specific symptoms which have brought the client for help, why now, why me, and what their expectations of a successful therapeutic outcome might be.

Third comes my attempt to hear, synthesise, and put into words the second story.  These are the ongoing themes of the client’s life that I hear behind their narrative  – pain, rejection, neglect, abandonment, anger etc. – and how these might play out transferentially in relation to me.

Finally there comes a moment of closure, where the temporal and emotional boundaries of the session are established, but within them a sense of hope, meaning-making, and of secure attachment.

I’ll illustrate all this with the pathway of a particular ‘difficult’ client and with the blockages which have impeded its smooth running.


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Jeremy Holmes

Jeremy Holmes is a psychiatrist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist. For 35 years he worked as Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist in the NHS, providing a district psychotherapy service in...
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