Anger in Schema Therapy: Empathic Confrontation

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Course active from 06/03/2023
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Schema Therapy (ST) is an integrated treatment model that focuses on an individual’s maladaptive schemas, early relationship experiences, and dysfunctional coping patterns. The course aims to address, within this theoretical framework, psychopathological frameworks characterized by the emotion of anger and to illustrate some possible intervention strategies.

Dr. Remco van der Wijngaart, expert in Schema Therapy, will offer you a 3-hour professional training course to understand the role of the basic emotion of anger in within the Schema Therapy model.

Through experiential techniques, central to treatment in the Schema Therapy field, it is possible to access painful contents of the patient’s history and modulate their activating power, transforming dysfunctional emotional reactions into more adaptive and healthy ways. In recent years, a large amount of studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the intervention of Schema Therapy in various psychopathological conditions, ranging from Personality Disorders to chronic psychic disorders and conditions deriving from traumatic events.

The course includes experiential practice exercises, the use of explanatory role playing and the viewing of demonstrative video material.


In this course one of the most effective relational techniques of Schema Therapy will be presented to manage the expression of angry or aggressive emotions by the patient or moments of impasse, the «Empathic Confrontation».


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Remco van der Wijngaart

Remco van der Wijngaart

Remco Van der Wijngaart, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist of the International Society of Schema Therapy and author of the essay "Imagery rescripting, theory and practice". He is also...
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