Zoey Malpus

Dr Zoey Malpus is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist based at Manchester University NHS Pain Service. She has been working in the NHS in the UK for over 25 years and specialising in Pain Management since 2004. Most of her work has been delivering group Pain Management Programmes and she has been using Compassion Focused Therapy in her work since 2011. 


The CFT approach is a new development because it specifically addresses “striving” a new area for pain management and Zoey has developed this work into CFT for Pain Management groups, she has been running them since 2015. Zoey has now run over 32 CFT for pain groups so far 

with statistically highly significant and clinically successful outcomes. 


Zoey is currently chair of the Physical Health Special Interest Group of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, UK. She was previously an elected Council Member of the British Pain Society (2016-19) and has contributed to numerous national guidelines and core standards for Pain Services in the UK. 


Relevant Publications:

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