Liane Zink

Liane Zink is a member of the International Faculty of the IIBA, Reichian Analyst, Certified Family System Therapist, lecturer and professor and head of São Paulo’s Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IABSP). She is also a senior trainer at the Brazilian Institute for Biosynthesis and President of the Overseas Association for Biosynthesis (OABS from the International Institute for Biosynthesis). In her journey as a trainer, she has worked in countries like Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil. She is also the founder and director of Ágora Centro de Estudos Neo-Reichianos do Brasil (Brazil’s Ágora Center for Neo-Reichian Studies) and the founding director of Ágora in Germany. In addition, she penned the introduction of Alexandre Lowen’s book “Joy” and Ron Robbins’s “Rhythmic Integration: Finding Wholeness in the Cycle of Change”. Liane is author of several published articles on body psychotherapy.