Johan Vanderlinden

Dr.  Vanderlinden Johan is a psychologist-psychotherapist and researcher working for 42 years at the Eating Disorder Unit of the University Psychiatric Center St-Jozef, Kortenberg, Belgium. Actually retired from his work at the University hospital and working in private practice and as an Academic consultant (assistant professor) at the Faculty of Psychology of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He is on the editiorial Board of several professional journals  (European Eating Disorders Review;  Eating Disorders; Eating and Weight Disorders; Bridging Eastern & Western Psychiatry; Journal of Behavioral Addictions) and a workshop presenter on the subject of eating disorders, dissociation, hypnosis, family therapy and  mental training (worldwide). He published extensively on the topics of eating disorders, family therapy, trauma and hypnosis (more then 200 articles).